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About Us

We are an India-based Strategy & Management Consultancy organization located in Bangalore. We help Business leaders to solve complex business problems, redefine the future of their companies and produce meaningful results. From the beginning to the end of every consulting engagement, we partner with our clients to achieve predetermined business goals, outperform the competition, solve complex problems, execute strategy and redefine their organizations. We believe that “Results do Matter” because we measure our progress through client satisfaction. So, we are committed and dedicated to achieving the best in everything we do. In the process, we seek out people and clients who are focused, committed, ambitious, and dedicated to utilizing the greatest opportunities we open to them.
Throughout our journey as a Strategy & Management Consultancy, we have got the opportunity to serve more than 100+ ambitious entrepreneurs and CEOs in major cities – Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Surat, Delhi, Jaipur, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Cochin & Calicut – in India. Apart from India, we had the opportunity to serve a few clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Manama, Muscat & Doha.
We work with Micro, Small, Medium & Large Enterprises and we offer Strategy, Management & Business Consulting Services – Strategy Consulting, Business Advisory Services, Marketing Consulting, Sales Consulting, Operation Consulting, HR Consulting, Organization Consulting, Small Business Consulting, Finance Consulting, Business Development Consulting, Start-up Consulting, Training & Development Consulting, Business Performance Consulting, Business Process Consulting & Growth Consulting. To know more about our services please check our consulting services page.

Our Purpose

We exist to serve our purpose. Our Purpose gives meaning for the work we do every day and it provides us with confidence, guidance and inspiration to resolve the toughest challenges of our clients, and add value to their stakeholders.  Our Purpose strongly encourages us to provide better experience to every single client. Therefore, we improve the quality of all our services and personnel consistently. We are proud to work with our clients to use our knowledge, skills, expertise and long experience to help fulfill our purpose to create results that last long.

Our purpose is to help organizations
to solve their complex problems, add value to people and grow.

Our Values

We are defined by our values, what we stand for, and how we behave. These values decide our organization’s culture and also define the spirit of our organization. We express our core values via individual performance. They remain the foundation of the way we act and make timely and appropriate decisions.

Finest people

We draw, develop and maintain the finest talent for our organization, to create a challenging environment for our people. we do this by demonstrating a positive attitude and promoting a supportive and collaborative environment.

Be the best

Create the ability and ambition for individual professional growth as also making them accountable.


Considering humanity while taking bold decisions.

Respect for the individual

We value diversity and unique contributions, promote a trusting, inclusive and open environment by treating everyone in a way that reflects our core values.

Creation of client values

We enable our clients to develop into high-performance businesses, promoting lasting relationships by remaining relevant and responsive and by delivering value consistently.


To have the guts to rise above all challenges, work unwaveringly through adversity and inspire others.

Commit for Excellence

We always strive for excellence in everything we do.


We remain ethically uncompromising and open, motivating trust by demonstrating we practice what we preach, matching our performance to our words and being responsible for all our actions.


Satisfying our commitment to build a stronger, improved, and more durable company for the coming generations. we also safeguard our brand, ensure our commitment to the stakeholders. we act with a corporate mentality, develop the ability of our people and assist in improving communities and global environment.

CEO Message

“Don’t worry about competition, disruption, change and future, but just prepare for them. We at Intelaxy are totally committed for the results you desire.”
Febin Farhana
Chief Executive Officer

Quick Review

Started 2020 January 1st.
Head Quarters Bangalore.
We Work with startups to multinational.
Clients from India and Middle East
Services Available Online and Offline.

Our Clients

We work with micro to macro-business enterprises (MSMEs & Big Companies) and their leaders who are focused, committed, ambitious, and dedicated to utilizing the great opportunities the world opens for them. We provide our all services for our clients online and offline. We offer Online Consulting for clients in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman & Bahrain. And, we serve clients directly in India – Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat.

Micro biz &




Small biz




mid and big size companies


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