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We at the Intelaxy assist start-ups to handle factors like strategic problems, and business challenges in order to reach fresh heights.We provide the essential insights and guidance for founders of start-ups as well as managements to establish a durable company.

Our entire services are planned to assist innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups, as also incubators to establish new businesses, enter fresh markets, and come out with gainful breakthrough ideas, or just to think “big” concerning prospective opportunities. By making available management expertise, we aid in the creation of a collaboration of partners, who are ready to take risks and also the commitment to be successful. Every client and startup under our guidance benefits from the insights and innovations that emerge from these collaborations.

We work in association with start-ups, by making use of our skills, as well as providing guidance in every aspect of founding a business, right from formulating the necessary strategy and creating models, to building value propositions, and optimizing pricing, to transform digitally a business, to name a few. Our efforts are enriching the policies, products, as also success stories of numerous startups across an extensive series of companies.

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How Intelaxy can help

Consulting for New Ventures

When starting a new business, most entrepreneurs do not have the know-how across the various areas of the business. The following are the major causes for a new business to fail, at the very early stage itself:

Fund Raising Consulting

Fund Raising Consulting assists new ventures that plan to raise capital from local sources to accelerate their growth and fulfil their dreams. This consulting service gives the necessary guidance to raise funds. This makes the effort simple, smooth and fast.

Concept Design and Professionalizing Business Ideas

Concept Design and Professionalizing Business ideas service focuses on individuals who have a new business idea or innovative concept to establish their own businesses but lack the clarity and capability to convert their ideas into a successful business model. This consulting service helps clients to make their ideas and experience into a viable business which gives them the confidence to start a new business.

Start-Up Advisory

Start-up Advisory focus on newly started tech start-ups or other business ventures that find it hard to manage teams, solve complex problems and execute business and strategic plans effectively and also looking for professional advice and guidance to move forward. This advisory service helps our clients to identify the root cause of their challenges they face and build the necessary capability and confidence to solve existing and future challenges.

Sales, and Marketing Consulting for Start-Ups

We have developed Sales and Marketing Consulting for new ventures and tech start-ups that are finding it hard to market their products/services/concepts in the market. This consulting service helps our clients to find answers for some key questions like:

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