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Our Strategy & Management Consulting Services focus on solving complex business problems to add value to the people by preparing large and medium enterprises for their future success.

No matter how complex your business problems are, our professionals have the capability and expertise to deliver the solution you need to successfully move forward. We help you solve your most difficult issues in the fields of strategy, sales, marketing, talent development, customer relations and finance. It also ensures the successful transformation of your organization to gain sustainable growth, and prepare you to take right decisions for your future success. At Intelaxy, our consulting professionals are committed to help you identify and solve the challenges that stand in the way of your growth and progress.

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How Intelaxy can help


Developing and executing market-winning strategies are crucial to succeed in business. In this fast-changing world, developing result-oriented marketing strategies without a deep understanding of customer experience, technology impacts, market changes, and analytics will be irrelevant and outdated.

People & Organization

The technology, pandemic, and disruptions redefined jobs and companies. They completely changed the way people work and the skills that people need for their jobs. Remote working, AI and automated operations have become the new normal. New inventions and technological interventions are making life more comfortable, at the same time making businesses more complicated.

Business Transformation

Highly competitive market conditions, emerging technologies, and disruptions are changing the face of traditional business models and revolutionizing employee and consumer expectations more than ever. Disruption has become the new norm and the ability to adapt to it is crucial to succeeding these days.

Business & Organizational Purpose

The organizational purpose is your organization’s ultimate ‘why’ that defines who you are and what you need to fulfill in this world. Purpose lays the foundation for key decisions across several pillars such as customer, employee, ecosystem, financial and global. It shapes everything from your product to your policies.


The pandemic and new technology interventions changed the world, people, and businesses more than ever and taught leaders to look at the future differently. Sales could not go through these changes without embracing them and these changes challenge all traditional sales approaches and demand a next-generation sales approach.

Customer Experience

Companies are making big investments to create a culture of continuously iterating and improving customer experiences, finding new sources of value, and driving innovation across the business by prioritizing customer experience and investments targeting “moments that matter”.


Disruption, the latest technologies, climate change, and ever-changing customer and employee expectations are creating new complex business issues and business opportunities for leaders. To take advantage of the opportunities and challenges presented by both, and to survive in today's tough market competition, ambitious leaders are forced to reset the corporate core and functions or adopt new business models altogether.

Operations & Supply Chain

The biggest question that confronts business leaders of today in every industry is “What will the future of operations look like? And how can we succeed in that new landscape and maximize our operational efficiency?”  


Great strategies are useless unless they can be executed effectively. Research shows that more than 50% of all strategies fail to achieve their desired objectives. In our experience, we saw even proficient and experienced business leaders fail to identify the barriers that can affect the implementation plan in a bad way.


Amid intensifying market disruptions, escalating risk volatility, and accelerating customer behavior changes; the CFO and finance department plays a crucial role in balancing economic stewardship with the strategic assessment of growth risks and opportunities to drive enterprise value.

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