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Our Business Advisory Services focus on entrepreneurs, senior level managers,small and micro biz owners who are looking for expert advice to solve their key business issues to achieve their predetermined goals.

Our Advisory Session provides the tools, templates, techniques, insights, ideas and knowledge to our clients to understand their key business issues in detail and build the capability to create appropriate solutions to solve their main issues. This session helps them clear all their doubts, confusion and anxieties that might arise from time to time while engaged in solving some key issues, or previous mistakes. This will also be helpful if they suffer from a lack of knowledge while engaged in solving those issues so that they can successfully overcome any problems in the process.

Through the Advisory Session our clients will be able to redefine their important business issues, develop strategies with executable plans to surmount those issues, be confident in leading the business and take advantage of future business opportunities. Finally, the advisory session will provide our clients the clarity as to what to do and how to move forward.

How we work with clients

Business Advisory Service is entirely different product from our consulting services and it is a session with our experts who usually charge by the hour and not per project. During the sessions with our clients our experts’ role will be as a coach or an advisor. It is their responsibility to make our clients solve their problems on their own. The Business Advisory Service/Session provide advice and guidance on specific areas, issues or goals where the clients need support.

Our experts follow seven holy steps to deliver maximum value to our clients 

1. Understand Reality

Our Experts sit with our clients and listen to their key issues, concerns, and doubts. They examine and analyze all data provided by the client in detail to understand their concerns.

2. Define Opportunity

Define the results the client wants and the goals they wish to achieve.

3. Create Clarity

Our Experts prioritize the clients’ key issues and make them clearly understand their problems and their impacts. Our Experts provide the necessary tools, templates, techniques, insights, ideas, and knowledge to the client and ask them to prepare the solution for their plans by themselves.

4. Preparation

Discuss and develop the strategies, tactics and solutions to make clients extremely comfortable and confident while they are preparing the master plan (action plan).

5. Advice and Guidance

Engage in detailed discussion with our clients regarding their master plans and make the needed corrections to make their plan precise, effective, attainable and executable.

6. Roadmap

Finally, cross check their master plan once again and discuss the execution tactics to make execution process easier.

7. Create Impact

Our experts make ensure that the client remain committed in the execution of everything according to their deadline and inspire them to achieve results. Then the session ends.

How Intelaxy can help

Are you an entrepreneur, senior level manager,small or micro biz owner looking for expert advice and guidance
to resolve your business issues? Searching for the best strategies to grow your business?

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