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Consulting for New Ventures

When starting a new business, most entrepreneurs do not have the know-how across the various areas of the business. The following are the major causes for a new business to fail, at the very early stage itself:

  1. Unrealistic goals
  2. Wrong financial, marketing, operational and HR plans
  3. Lack of business experience and knowledge
  4. Lack of knowledge about their market and marketing
  5. Inappropriate capital utilization
  6. Inefficiency in leading and managing business and teams.

Recent studies have shown that without proper research and planning, no new venture/start-up can survive and grow. In fact, many businesses start without proper feasibility studies, the right business model and a proper business plan. As a result, this causes huge financial liabilities and possible failure in the market. To avoid these pitfalls, our consultants are committed to help our clients to circumvent such mistakes and to provide all the necessary guidance and support to build a profitable and scalable business.

Our Consulting for New Ventures focuses on providing expert guidance and support at the very early stages of a business to those who are unfamiliar with it. We also aid entrepreneurs who want to do business professionally and NRIs who want to do business in their country after a long exile. This consulting service helps clients to save a lot of money, time and effort by helping them launch the right business.

To this end, we offer our clients the following:

  • Development of potential business ideas
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business model improvement
  • Developing on-the-go market strategies
  • Preparing a professional business plan
  • Advice on funding the business
  • Setting up operations and concerned legal business formation
  • Growth strategy advisory services.

These comprehensive strategies are designed to help our clients to minimize any possible chances of failure and impart to them the necessary confidence to manage risks, understand complex business issues and help them win both in the marketplace and the customer’s hearts.

Services Offered

Market Feasibility StudyVision PlanningBusiness Model Development
Branding Plan Sales & Marketing PlanHR Plan
Operations PlanInvestor Management Plan
Incorporation Plan
Risk Analysis
Financial Feasibility StudyInvestor Marketing Tools
SOP DevelopmentLogistic PlanLogistics Plan
Growth Strategy Advisory ServicesBusiness Plan Development (Detailed Project Report)

Intelaxy Strategy & Management Consulting is ready to help you online and offline to fulfil your dreams. For more details, please contact us.

Start -Up Advisory

Start-up Advisory focus on newly started tech start-ups or other business ventures that find it hard to manage teams, solve complex problems and execute business and strategic plans effectively and also looking for professional advice and guidance to move forward. This advisory service helps our clients to identify the root cause of their challenges they face and build the necessary capability and confidence to solve existing and future challenges.

Our consultants provide insights, clarity, and strategies to our clients through scheduled advisory sessions. This enables them to prepare proactive action plans to solve issues so diverse as marketing, operation, capital and cash flow management, sales, execution, team management and achieving organisational objectives. And it also helps clients to develop the capability and skills to effectively lead and manage the personnel, company and its various departments.

Services Offered

Our Advisory service consists of three packages, to suit your convenience. Please choose what suits you better.

1 Month (20h)
3 Months (60h)
6 Month (120h)
These services are offered through online & online mode.

Whether you have just started a tech start-up or business or looking for professional solutions to improve your business performance and solve problems, we at the Intelaxy Strategy & Management Consulting is ready to help you online and offline. Thus, your business is run in a professional manner. For more details and appointment please contact us.


Fund Raising Consulting

Fund Raising Consulting assists new ventures that plan to raise capital from local sources to accelerate their growth and fulfil their dreams. This consulting service gives the necessary guidance to raise funds. This makes the effort simple, smooth and fast.

This consulting service helps promoters to develop ROI plans, well-structured investment strategies and plans, investor management system and plan, perfect investor pitch and the guidance. It also trains you to find investors and how to present and put forward the pitch to convince investors. It also provides all the essential tools and documents as required for your fund-raising journey which imparts a professional approach to your fund-raising activities.

To make your business project convincing to potential investors our consultants examine your business in detail to make you well-prepared to get investments as well as do factors like the following:

  • Idea validation
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Business plan validation
  • Pitch deck analysis to develop all the required plans, documents and tools

If you are looking for funds to invest, Intelaxy Strategy & Management Consulting can help you both online and offline to fulfil your goals. For more details, please contact us.

NB:We also provide guidance for tech start-ups to approach seed funding, angel funding and venture capitalists to raise the capital to expand their projects.

Sales, and Marketing Consulting for Start-Ups

We have developed Sales and Marketing Consulting for new ventures and tech start-ups that are finding it hard to market their products/services/concepts in the market. This consulting service helps our clients to find answers for some key questions like:

  • Why sales are declining?

  • Who are the right customers?

  • How to attract them?

  • Why we don’t get customers?

  • What promotion campaigns should we do?

  • What should we do next to improve our sales and marketing?

This consulting service helps start-up promoters/senior executives to redefine areas like branding and marketing strategies, target segments, advertising and marketing communications, marketing channels, pricing, sales system and methods, sales team’s capability, sales strategies, prospecting and closing methods. It also provides comprehensive solutions to accomplish predetermined sales targets and strategies, tactical tools and action plans with a well-defined and executable marketing plan that will help you to achieve consistent sales in the market.

Our consultants examine and analyse our clients’ previous marketing strategies and activities to identify the exact challenges they are facing in sales and marketing. This enables us to prepare realistic and attainable sales and marketing goals, a well-defined go to market strategy, and plan for our clients to help them succeed in the market.

Are you a start-up that struggles to market and sell your product or services? Are you able to reach your targeted customers to ensure consistent sales? Intelaxy Strategy & Management Consulting is ready to help you online and offline to fulfil your cherished objectives. For more details, please contact us.

Concept Design and Professionalizing Business ideas 

Concept Design and Professionalizing Business ideas service focuses on individuals who have a new business idea or innovative concept to establish their own businesses but lack the clarity and capability to transform their ideas into a viable business model. This consulting service helps clients to make their ideas and experience into a viable business which gives them the confidence to start a new business.

This service provides detailed business plans and execution guide to help our clients kick start their business ventures. It will also guide them to prepare milestones and appropriate action plans while they execute the project.

This consulting service provides the opportunity to discuss your business ideas with us in detail, so that we can guide you to evaluate and develop your ideas and identify key challenges. Our service can assist you on product planning, conduct feasibility studies, and develop well-defined business plans that make you ready to start and invest.

Services Offered

Concept Development & Setting Milestones
Feasibility Studies
Business Plan Development

Do you have a new business idea to start your own business but have many doubts and concerns? Intelaxy Strategy & Management Consulting
 is ready to help you online and offline to make your dream into reality. For more details, please contact us.

Contact us Intelaxy Strategy & Management Consulting is ready to help you online and offline to fulfil your dreams. For more details, please contact us.